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Moving away from the glamour of top tier football, I wanted to highlight a brand of football that is not really celebrated but is followed with passion and excitement. Wanting to explore the lower leagues, the core of english football, and finding out what this particular place means to the players and fans.

Sponsored by Mofilm and Chevrolet.

Director - Femi Ladi
Producer - Manuel Nashi
DOP - Daniel Peters
Sound - Bruce Sonhador 
Voice over artist - Fraser Lawson

My boy @geekysneaks is having his first solo exhibition on the 17th   July…. Come down and check out!

some BTS photos of recent shoot. I co-directed with @partridge 

photos taken by the one and only geekysneaks

football crazy

"The Burrell Twins" is a film about Scott and Dean; identical twins at the start of their professional boxing careers. They are coached by the legendary Hector Roca, responsible for a number of World Champions.

After finishing their respective degrees the twins moved to New York to turn professional. They recently returned to the UK for their British debut. 

I spent a number of days with the two of them; discussing their past, present and future. This documentary film is the result of our time together.

Director: Femi Ladi
DOP: Amarjeet Singh
Sound Recordist: Leonardo Stoppa
Editor: Femi Ladi 
Music: Somerwhere Between Night and Sky by A.M
Sound Mixing: Arturas Stasevskis
Producers: Manuel Nashi & Femi Ladi 
Super 8 Camera Operator: Justin Rang

Special Thanks:
Scott Burrell 
Dean Burrell
Hector Roca
Peakcocks Gym

A trailer for my short documentary “The Burrell Twins.”

An insight into Dean & Scott Burrell. Identical twins who are professional boxers on the rise.

Follow up from my Madrid pictures! A small home video for my friend Franklin! 

Urban Exploring with @geekysneaks @matteoscaglione @niran7


Woke up early this morning for a photo adventure with 3 friends down in Woolwich. This is @femi26​ he’s a dope at videos.


Woke up early this morning for a photo adventure with 3 friends down in Woolwich. This is @femi26​ he’s a dope at videos.

(Source: matteoscaglione)

Madrid, Spain 

with friends

portrait #6
portrait #5
Artist Justin Rang
portrait #4

Idea Drug

When I am creating or cultivating a new idea, im so excited, im constantly thinking about it and how I can develop it. I love it. I crave it. Its my high.

When I have finished and/or cant think of a good new idea, i get into a slump… depressed as fuck just waiting for something special to come.

I need my fix

Experiment #1 War Music


It was debating with my friend about what is going on in Syria currently that got me thinking about war. We could not agree about the best way to approach the situation and both left the topic unsatisfied after going around in circles and not coming to a conclusion. A point was made that we will never know how it’s like until we are in that situation. This got me thinking about the day to day life’s of people who are living in war inflicted countries. What it must be like hearing the sounds of war. I wanted to put the sounds of war in my surroundings, in my area and let the story tell itself.


I have been very fascinated with sound, its capabilities and importance particularly in the medium of film. There is something very powerful about the sounds of war, and this was what I wanted to show.


I wanted to explore the idea of juxtaposing mundane images with unrelated sound, and how our imagination fills in the rest and makes the connection for us. Watching this piece you realise that it is your mind that really makes this film way more than what it is.